Parceling and condominiums

In cooperation with an authorized geodesy engineer, we carry out the subdivision procedure.
Parceling is the process of changing the shape and size of land parcels and land registers. Basically, one cadastral parcel is divided into several or several parcels into one. Parceling is carried out with a parcelling study made by an authorized geodetic company.
The parcelization study is used for the formation of one or more parcels for the purpose of buying or selling real estate, dividing inheritance, obtaining a mortgage loan, dividing family property, settling property-legal relations, forming partial buildings or subdivisions (access roads) and partitioning.

In cooperation with an authorized construction engineer, we carry out the floor plan procedure.
Flooring is a process by which you establish ownership of a specific part of the building, i.e. your apartment and its parts. You can register the established property in the land register. If you are the owner of an apartment in a building that is not shared, you are actually the owner of an undefined part of that building. As a co-owner of the building (i.e. the owner of the apartment), you have a share in the common areas of the building (basement part, garage, attic part of the building), part of the land on which the building where your apartment is located is built, and if you do not share your apartment, it will not be completely clearly which part of the building is your property. Family houses with 2 or more apartments, as well as larger or large buildings with hundreds of apartments, can be split. You can register all the mentioned units in the land register as your property.