Dividing condominium

In cooperation with an authorized construction engineer, we conduct the process of dividing condominium. Condominium conversion process which are making ownership of a specific part of the building, ie. Over your apartment and its attendant parts. Established property can be entered in the Land Register. If you own an apartment in a non-residential building, you are in fact the owner of an undefined part of the building. As a co-owner of the building (ie the owner of the apartment) you are entitled to share in the common premises of the building (basement, garage, part of the building), part of the land on which the building in which your apartment is located and if you do not refurbish your apartment will not be fully clearly what part of the building you own. You can divide family homes with two or more apartments, as well as larger or large buildings with hundreds of apartments. You can enter all of the entities listed in the land registers (register) as their property.