General Principles

LAVIĆI NEKRETNINE j.d.o.o. has aligned its operations with the General Data Protection Regulation (EC 2016/679) - GDPR, which enters into force on 4 June 2019.

All content published on the website is copyrighted and subject to copyright protection, stating that any unauthorized use is in contradiction with the applicable laws in the Republic of Croatia and subject to lawsuits.

Purpose and methods of processing personal data - the purpose of data collection is to establish contact with users of our services in order to inform each other about the activities we perform for them. All collected data can be used solely for the purposes of information, information and promotional activities we are doing in order to successfully perform our business. Our service providers are happy to send us information and information about our activities. Keeping personal data - the time period is limited and closely related to the purpose of data processing, except in special cases that we require from other regulations. Access to personal information is provided exclusively to LAVIĆI NEKRETNINE employees who are required to do business as well as to partners who provide us with business support (processing executives). The data will not be forwarded to third parties, except for the services of the executive and judicial authorities of the Republic of Croatia, with the submission of a valid court order.

GDPR - The Universal Declaration on Personal Data Protection - enters into force on May 25th and brings the news and responsibilities that everybody in the industry needs to know. In particular, the real estate agent's personal information is the name, surname, address of the apartment and the OIB's natural person, the Real Estate Brokerage Agreement and the name and surname of the physical person with the broker's diary. GDPR is also applied to video footage of video surveillance devices that contain physical persons if a real estate agent has a place in their business premises. Real estate brokers are obliged to keep track of data processing activities if they employ more than 250 people.

For the purposes of the contract or brokerage and brokerage order:

The Director affirms that he has voluntarily provided the Mediator with his or her personal data, including the OIB, for the purpose of participating in the purchase of real estate and for the purpose of determining undefined identification.

The Contractor expressly agrees to the Mediator that he may use personal data in accordance with regulations governing the protection of personal data.

Participation in marketing activities is left to choice for every user of our services, and will be specifically regulated in writing through the Real Estate Brokerage Agreement.

If you do not agree with the privacy policy of LAVIĆI NEKRETNINE agency, please do not use our site and do not leave your personal information.

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