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Article 1
The General Terms and Conditions of Real Estate Brokers (hereinafter: General Terms and Conditions) regulates the business relationship between the real estate agency (hereinafter: the Mediator) and a natural or legal person (hereinafter referred to as the Contractor) who concludes a contract with the Mediator on mediation solely in writing; The General Terms and Conditions are an integral part of the mediation contract concluded between the Mediator and the Client;

Article 2

Some terms and names in terms of these General Terms have the following meaning:
Real Estate Agent:
Company- Lavići nekretnine j.d.o., Zadar, Put Nina 60, OIB: 96882191012; Real estate Agency is all those transactions of the Real Estate Agency that relate to the Relationship of a Contractor and a third party, as well as negotiations and preparations for concluding certain legal transactions that are subject to a particular property, and in particular when purchasing, selling, exchanging and leasing; The third person is any person whom the Real Estate Agent tries to link to the Contractor to negotiate the conclusion of a legal transaction whose object is the property. Property is a particle of land, together with everything that is permanently attached to land on or below the surface, in accordance with the provisions of the general property and other real property law. The subcontractor is any natural or legal person who concludes a brokerage contract with the Real Estate Agent, solely in writing, such as a seller, a buyer, a lessee, a lessee, a lessee and any other potential real estate participant;
Intermediary Fee - PROVISION - is the fee, or the amount that each Contractor was a seller or buyer, obligated and obliged to pay to the Mediator for mediation services when buying or selling a particular property;


Article 3

Our real estate offer is based on the data we receive by verbal or written way from the Contractor. As a recipient of such information, the Provider, as a recipient of such information, shall in particular keep it as a business secret and only with our written consent may laugh and transfer it to a third party; If the recipient of certain information, or the Provider is already acquainted with any of our property, is obliged to notify us immediately, without delay, in an oral or written way;


Article 4

Prices offered properties can be expressed in kuna and euro, but are payable solely in the equivalent Croatian Kuna;


Article 5

The Mediator agrees to contact the Contractor with a third party who would negotiate with him on the conclusion of the legal transaction of the sale or any other contract, and the Contractor is obligated to pay a certain commission if the legal transaction and the contract are concluded. The mediation contract (hereinafter referred to as the mediation contract) is concluded between the Mediator and the Contractor. The mediation contract must contain true, accurate and fully-featured information for the purchase or sale of real estate or for any other legal business, rent, lease, etc.

Article 6

In case of sale of real estate, which is co-owned by several persons, it is necessary to have the written consent of each of the co-owners of the property in question;

Article 7

By means of a contract on mediation in real estate transactions, the Mediator undertakes to perform the following, described below:
  • endeavor to find and link to a third party in order to conclude a mediated job;
  • Meet the Contractor with an objective, market price similar to his real estate;
  •  Inspect the documents proving ownership or other real right on the property in question and warn the Provider of any deficiencies and possible risks related to the land registry property;
  •  Do the necessary actions for the presentation of the real estate on the market, as well as to perform all the other activities contracted by real estate brokerage agreement;
  •  enable real estate review;
  • mediate in the negotiations and strive to conclude the contract;
  • keep the Personal Information of the Ordering Agent and keep it in the written order as a business secret, all in connection with this property or the business it mediates;
  • In the case of land lease contracts, it is necessary to check its intended use, all in accordance with the applicable regulations and legal provisions relating to spatial planning relating to land;
  • notify the Contractor about all the relevant circumstances for the entrusted business, which he or she knew or had to know;
Article 8

The intermediary is obliged to keep as business secret all the information that he or she receives, performing mediation, relating to or relating to the Contractor, for the property that is the subject of mediation;

If the Mediator violates his or her obligation to keep a business secret, he or she shall be liable to the injured party
To the Beneficiary to compensate for the damage he suffered as a result of the business secrecy;


Article 9

By signing a real estate brokerage contract, the investor undertakes to perform the following actions:
  •  notify the Mediator of all relevant circumstances regarding the provision of brokerage services;
  •  give the Mediator access to all documents proving his ownership of the real estate, that is another real property right, which is the object of the mediation contract;
  •  provide the Mediator and a third person interested in concluding a mediated job inspection and sightseeing of the property;
  • upon the conclusion of the mediated legal transaction, pay to the Mediator his intermediary fee or commission, unless otherwise agreed;
  • if expressly agreed, the Tenderer is obliged to compensate the Mediator for costs incurred during mediation, which exceed the usual costs of mediation;
  • notify the Mediator in writing of any changes related to the work he has authorized the Mediator;

Furthermore, the Contractor is not obliged to enter into negotiations with a third party to negotiate a mediated business with a third party, found by the Mediator or to conclude a legal transaction, and the provision of a contract which has otherwise been contracted shall be null and void.
An ordering party may be liable for damages if it has not acted in good faith;

Article 10

If the Contractor offers to the Mediator a fee - a commission greater than the contracted contract,
An intermediary may receive such award, but provided that it is not clearly disproportionate to its services;
Article 11

In the case of mediation in which the Contractor alone or through a third party found the person concerned, the Mediator may, in accordance with his / her consensus, charge the actual costs incurred in connection with the business in question.


Article 12

The mediation contract shall be concluded for a period of 6 (six) or 12 (twelve) months and shall expire on expiry of the term of the contract, unless the contract for which it is mediated or the cancellation of any of the contracting parties has been concluded within that period.

Unless the realization of a legal transaction occurs within that time period, the mediation contract shall be automatically renewed until one of the Contracting Parties in writing terminates the cooperation.

The Contractor will acknowledge the mediation even after the mediation contract expires, if the contact with the third party is accomplished during the term of the mediation contract

If within a period of two (2) years after the termination of the mediation contract, the Contractor concludes a legal transaction with the person associated with the Mediator, for whom the Mediator has mediated at the time of the validity of the contract, he is obliged to pay the Mediator in full, unless The mediation contract is not otherwise contracted.

Article 13

The party may file objections in the Register of Consumer Complaints, located in the business premises of the Agency.
Article 14

For Mutual Relationships between the Mediator and other persons in the mediation process, which are not regulated by these General Terms and Conditions or by an Intermediary Contract, the provisions of the Act on Real Estate Transactions Act and the Mandatory Obligations Act shall apply;

For all court cases, the competent local court in Zadar is competent.

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